There are many issues facing our district. Here are just a few.

Destroy corruption

Finally, Davis will not only work to reform government, but will take on corruption directly. We are the most corrupt state in the Union. That is sad. I believe term-limits prevent corruption but the only ones who can enact term-limits are legislators themselves. Unlike my opponent, I will limit myself to 8 years in office, maximum. Further, unlike any other legislator in our state, I will explain every vote I make on social media or our website. I will be a full time legislator, holding no outside employment while the people of New York are paying my salary. I also oppose any pay increase, because this is a public service, not a career. In terms of our elected officials, why do we allow huge donations to our elected officials from big companies that stand to benefit from legislation? This is why I support donation reform such as  including setting maximum spending on elections from campaigns. For our voters, I support voter ID laws, since you have to show an ID for far more trivial things than electing lawmakers. But I also support reform to increase voting such as electronic voting, easier registration, early voting options. Corruption and fraud must be eliminated, and these are common sense steps that can be taken which I will fight for.

Family businesses

Davis is once again calling upon the legislature to create more jobs and better pay stating by focusing on incentivizing family businesses. “Its been two years and small businesses continue to feel the pinch of more control, costly regulation, and wage mandates. What the government doesn’t give you is the means to succeed. Because small businesses are the crux of our economy, employing more than half of New Yorkers, I will push for a 20% tax cut for small businesses, with the savings to help hire and provide raises, while increasing available capital to grow.”

Energy bill relief

One of Davis’ major concerns in 2016 was home energy bills. This remains a key issue for the present campaign. “Two years ago I told you that not only are your bills unaffordable thanks to high taxes on utility bills, but delivery fees are down right corrupt. And here we are two years later, with your bill set to go up thanks to skyrocketing fees that this government allows. Where does it end? Time after time I hear from single parents who keep their heat as low as possible, and their homes dark, just to make ends meet. That is not good enough. Therefore I will work to scale back on utility taxes implemented by the government. I will introduce a bill to cut these taxes in half, immediately putting money in resident’s pockets.”

Crumbling roads, rusting water lines

Securing infrastructure funding will be another top priority for Davis. “It is a crime that we have a tax and spend liberal in office but our roads, bridges, landfills and waterlines are in serious disrepair. We are among the highest taxed in the state, and yet we see so little of the money. Safe bridges, an uncontaminated water system and clean landfills. These are the services people expect their high taxes to go toward. Your representatives need to fight for investment. I will fight for the funds we need to revamp our landfills and to repair the rusting and crumbling water lines throughout the Capital Region. It is an absolute must. Simply look at the water main breaks, which are growing every year, pressuring local governments to raise their taxes. End result? You pay more. You deserve better.”

Protecting youth and punishing sexual predators

Davis believes in promoting family, youth involvement in community activities, and in volunteering. But the foundation upon which this is built is trust among our mentors. And that is why when the data is as clear as it is, government has a responsibility to act. New York State is far behind other states that have taken action to protect children and to expose sexual predators.  Davis stated: “Thus, as a candidate for State Senate it is my opinion that we must pass the comprehensive Child Victims Act The Act will eliminate the statute of limitations on child sex abuse in civil and criminal courts and allow a look back window. I stand against many and in my own party who oppose this, and select democrats, including my opponent, who have long fought to bury this legislation. While I am pleased to see some forward progress, victims deserve better. Our children deserve better. Failure to act will protect sexual predators. We have a need for the justice system to protect our citizens and a need for our government to act. I will bring this message to every voter I speak with.

Protect the Constitution

Davis will also work to stop the assault on the Second Amendment. He seeks to repeal the SAFE Act while working to craft common sense legislation to prevent firearm violence. When a public servant takes an Oath to defend our Constitution, they can’t pick and choose which parts based on their desire to be elected. Our recent firearm reform laws are political theater that cater to a base and to emotions, but does nothing to keep New Yorkers safe, and are against the Constitution. From a pragmatic standpoint, it may sound cliché, but criminals do not follow laws. To address the real issues we as a society are dealing with related to firearm violence in the last two decades, we need to get at the root causes. We are better understanding the role of mental health in this state, the impact of bullying, the impact of anti-social behavior. These are the issues that we need to address. We also have inner city violence issues. Gang and drug activity drives much of this. These are the problems we have, not law-abiding citizens.