Cohoes needs help. I am running to be the voice of the people in ward 5. I have been fighting for years for our community. I knocked on over 10,000 doors in my senate campaign, and during this time I learned that the concerns of citizens transcend the platforms of any one political party.

They want roads that don’t destroy their cars, fair taxation policies, access to water that doesn’t poison them, better schools, and safe neighborhoods for our children. They are tired of the high cost of living for so little in return. That’s why people are leaving at a record pace.

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I cannot stand by and let this go unchallenged. I will NOT standby and let someone come to your doors and lie to you, telling you what you want to hear, and know they cannot deliver. It is wrong. I have been in the trenches and can get the job done,. I want to show my children that if something is wrong in the world, you stand up and fight back. This campaign is about people, families and those who feel they have been let down by the policies of their current representation, and the one-party rule in Cohoes.

I am running again because you deserve better. It is about People, Parks, and Potholes.